Room rates of "Laguna" hotel for Summer 2021

Four 2-story buildings and separate bungalows.

Every room has a TV, a fridge, an A/C unit and its own bathroom (full commodities).

Rates in EURO (EUR), per person per day, 3 meals a day included.

Accommodation type Currency Adults Children (3-12)
Standard Rooms (2 rooms) EUR 18,0 15,8
Standard Rooms (1 room) EUR 16,5 14,3
Rooms in Bungalow (1 room) EUR 16,5 14,3
"Selena" EUR 15,0 12,9

Transportation (bus): Organized transportation is offered for additional cost with departures from Chisinau, Kyiv and Zolochyov.

For reservations:

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"Laguna" Hotel, Black Sea, Nikolaevka village (Balabanovka), Ukraine